About Me

Adriana Arriaga, who goes by the alias adriana la artista, is a Xicana designer that creates bold, provocative, and impactful illustrations. Arriaga’s work reflects her culture, community, and personal experiences. She describes herself as a Contemporary Xicana Designer, where she combines practices from the Chicano Movement of the 60’s with present-day applications to create and share her work. Her work consists of large-scale illustrations made up of copy paper and wheat paste. She received a B.A. in Art/Design Studies and a Minor in Chicano Studies from San Jose State University in 2017. She then received her Master of Fine Arts at the University of California, Davis in Design in 2019. Arriaga has been featured in more than 20 exhibitions, has hosted workshops and art pop-ups, and was featured on the cover of the Santa Barbara Independent in September 2020.